Painting Contractor

A new coat of paint may be just what you need to spruce up your home. Whether it’s an interior or exterior paint job, our painting contractor can make your home look and feel its best.

A professional paint service offers surprising benefits. Paint can protect your home’s interior and exterior from moisture. It can increase your home’s curb appeal. Fresh interior paint can boost your mood and create a relaxing environment within your home.

Are Professional Interior Painting Services Worth the Cost?

When your home needs to be painted, you have two options – hire a professional painter or paint it yourself. On the surface, a DIY paint job may seem like the least expensive option.

Once you compare the costs, you’ll find that a professional interior painting service is the better option. Here’s why.

  • Save time
  • Eliminate the need to purchase painting tools
  • Enjoy extraordinary results that can last for several years
  • Relax or work on other chores while your house is being painted


What Does an Exterior Painting Estimate Include?

On average, it can cost between $2.50 to $4.00 per square foot to paint the exterior of a house. You should know that your actual costs will depend on your home’s exterior features.

Our company provides painting estimates before we start our services. Estimates are based on a variety of factors. These include labor costs, prep work, square footage and paint costs.

Typically, oil paint costs more than latex and acrylic latex paints. Factors that influence the cost of paint are the amount of paint needed, brand and color. Homes with porous siding can require more paint than homes with non-porous siding.

Primer may be required for your home’s exterior if this is the first time your home is being painted. Or your home is being painted a different color. Using a primer can prevent discoloration and reduce the number of paint coats.

At Measure Up Construction, our painting contractor can paint exterior features such as shutters, fascia boards, eaves, downspouts, porches and more. The best way to estimate the cost to paint your home’s exterior is by calling us.

Professional Painting Contractor

Looking for trusted interior and exterior painting services in the Portland area? Measure Up Construction can deliver extraordinary results. Contact us to schedule your painting estimate today!